Celebrating Dolly Dwyer

A firecracker on earth, now shining down from the stars

Dolly closed her eyes for the last time this morning surrounded by 2 of her 5 children. She had her wits about her until the end. Her terms. She was very loved and will be missed. Memorial information in Great Falls, Montana forthcoming. — Betsy Carver

Chatcolab’s Loving Memories of Dolly Dwyer

Dolly Embodied the Spirit of Chatcolab

It was delightful to share lab with Dolly. We remember her as always participating in everything despite having limited mobility these past few years. That never slowed her down. It didn’t keep her from participating in flag raising or lowering, crafts, singing, dancing or the parties at either Black Hill Rec Lab or Chatcolab. We can still see her in her “cruise wear” for a party at Chatcolab this past summer. We always enjoyed sharing a laugh with her and her family; she embodied the spirit of lab! —Ken & Cindy Birgen, Colorado

Such a Great Sense of Humor

I will never forget an improv she did with Brady at Black Hills Lab. Each time they turned out the lights and then turned them back on they were in a different position. It was hilarious. She had the greatest sense of humor. — Liz Hull, Utah

Dolly was a Welcoming Spark

For me as a first-timer, Dolly shared a welcoming spark that I can’t explain. Gracious and proud! — Linda Plenert, Washington

Dolly Dwyer Chatcolab

Such an Infectious Smile, so Nice & Encouraging

Last June, Stewart and I returned to lab after 34 years. One of the highlights was reconnecting with Dolly Dwyer. I was so amazed she remembered me. She was a 4-H leader in Great Falls with my mom and Sally Heard. Her daughter Kelly and I are the same age. We reminisced about many events during my 4-H years. Like when she judged county demonstrations or Daily 4 events.

She was tough, but always very nice and encouraging. She humbly shared the story of her being chosen “The National 4-H Leader of the Year” during 4-H’s centennial celebration. Well deserved! Her club was one of the best in the state for years. Her spirit and legacy continue on in her children and grandchildren. How lucky they were to have her for so long in their lives.

I am thankful Stewart and I visited her in September when we were home in Great Falls. I will always treasure the memory of her infectious smile and her enthusiasm for “fun and better living”. — Mary White, Oregon

Bless Her Sweet Soul

I loved Dolly’s wonderful sense of humor. I picture her laughing more than anything else. One memory is from a fairly recent Black Hills lab live auction when she stood up in front of the group next to Nel and shouted, “What will you give for my firstborn?” Everyone cracked up, including her firstborn (Nel) who got her humor gene. Bless her sweet soul. — Jackie Baritell, California

Dolly Dwyer Chatcolab

Beautiful Soul

She was a very kind person with a beautiful soul. — Malena Noriega, Utah

A Master of Human Relationships

Besides being a spark to any party or lab gathering, Dolly was a master of human relationships. Several years ago I asked her for pointers on creating a 4-H project group or club. She spent some time with me sharing experiences and guiding me to resources. Later in the Chatcolab week she took me aside again with more ideas. After Lab, she sent me a package of resources. In the coming years, she would check back with me about how it was going. She loved 4-H, she loved youth, and I knew she loved me because of her actions! — Marianne Burton, Washington

She Loved Us

She was funny and nice. She gave us hugs and loved us. I loved how Dolly dressed up in costumes. Everyone could see how much I loved Dolly’s hugs. — Jenalee Sorensen

She Will Be Missed

We loved how great Dolly was with the kids and people. She was so nice to everyone. We will miss her. — Preston & Randee Sorensen

She Was So Much Fun

We always loved having Dolly at Chatcolab. She was always so much fun! — Jadon & Jaron Sorensen