2024 Lab is Coming Together

Countdown to June 15-20, 2024
 Twinlow Retreat Center
Rathdrum, Idaho


You missed out!

The TURNAROUND 180: Chatcolab 2024 program is coming together with unique, inspiring and interactive sessions to enjoy.  
Keep coming back for more updates and details on our programs and presenters.  Subject to change as we get closer to lab.

Clifton Strengths

A workshop with coach Heather Erikson
What Makes You Uniquely Powerful?
Understanding your strengths unlocks your potential and leads you to greater performance.

This class is designed for 16 and older.  The Strengthfinders test will need to be completed by attendees before they arrive at Chatcolab.  More information to come.

Learn more HERE

Youth Session: Games, Recreation & STEAM

Lori Spearman will guide youth (8-15) to learn leadership skills through acknowledgement of themselves and others, activities that incorporate team building and reflection.

They take leadership in creating games that they develop, present, and play with group feedback, extending the learn, play, and lead model to outdoor and indoor activities. 

All-Lab Music

All-lab music with Tom McConahay

All-camp singing is a cherished tradition at summer camps, bringing labbers together for a joyful and communal musical experience. held each morning after breakfast, the all-camp singing session involves everyone coming together to sing a variety of songs.

These songs may include camp classics, traditional folk tunes, popular songs, and camp-specific anthems or chants.

Tower of London
and Other Castles

A Hands-on History Workshop with Trent Stephens, PhD

Build a 3-D version of The Tower of London in cardstock. During the workshop we will discuss several other castles. Dr. Stephens, PhD, has been teaching anatomy and embryology at ISU for over forty years. Medieval history and castles have been his hobby/avocation for over sixty years.




Integrative workshop with Sandra Nnebo, Montessori teacher from Botswana

We will explore a diversity topic, then split into small groups for games and activities. Our varied preferences, lifestyles, upbringings, and backgrounds shape our unique perspectives, offering learning opportunities that enhance understanding of each other. These diverse views foster improved communication, fresh perspectives, and greater awareness, empathy, and sensitivity.



Presented by Matthew Kessi, Kessi World

This workshop presents a unique approach to nature photography by emphasizing a deep connection with your subject. Enhance your skills and relationship with nature through six interactive and reflective steps. Dive into the outdoors to capture stunning images and discover nature's magic, sparking creativity and altering your perspective of the world. Prepare to view trees, rocks, water, and yourself through a new lens.

Bring your camera or smartphone.

Fiber Art

Join Donna Rogers for a workshop on crafting Wool Sheep with a wire skeleton and creating Sunset wool paintings. Learn the fundamentals of needle felting and sculpting wool like clay to make a sheep with movable limbs.

Additionally, explore the art of wool painting, using wool as a medium to create stunning scenes on fabric. Cost includes a felting kit containing needles, felting pad, wool, wire, finger protector, glue, and felt backing.

Scenic Sunset Wool Painting: $20.00
Wool Sheep: $25.00



Participants will cut conduit pipe into smaller pieces to create a set of pipe chimes, with each pipe length producing a different tone. They will be provided with several songs to use with their chimes at home.

By the end of the class, participants will have their own set of chimes, a pipe cutter, music sheets for leading others, and the skills to teach others how to build their own pipe chime sets.

With Tom McConahay

Crystals and

This is a  two-part presentation/activity with Linda Barlow. The first session focuses on understanding people through crystals and stones, exploring topics such as gemstones related to chakras, birthstones, zodiac signs, and the use of stones in various religions. 

In the second half, participants will delve into the safety and risks associated with rockhounding, followed by an outdoor experience of rock hunting. This hands-on session will include the identification of rock types and an exploration of how humans utilize stones in their environment, including their placement and use in jewelry.

Plant-based Cooking

with Mark Masarik

A plant-rich lifestyle benefits both individuals and the planet, serving as a powerful solution to reversing global warming. In this workshop, we emphasize Planning, Preparation, and Protein—the three "P's". While we don't push for vegetarianism or veganism, we promote the idea that most of our food should be plant-based. Join us for a hands-on experience in both the classroom and kitchen.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Estimated $10 per person to defray cost of supplies.

Flag Etiquette

with Stewart White

Flag etiquette refers to the set of rules and guidelines for the proper handling, display, and care of flags, particularly national flags. It typically includes protocols for displaying flags, folding them, raising and lowering them, as well as rules for their disposal when they become worn or damaged. These guidelines are often established by government agencies or organizations responsible for the administration of national symbols and are intended to show respect and honor for the flag and the values it represents.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games for all ages offer fun and excitement while promoting physical activity and social interaction.

These outdoor games provide opportunities for people of all ages to stay active, have fun, and enjoy the outdoors together.

Truth to Fiction

with Toni Gwin

Toni is a forty plus year follower of the sasquatch phenomenon. Why are we one of the few countries that believe Bigfoot is a myth? Why are we conditioned to laugh at people who come forward? Come with skepticism and stay open minded. Being open minded does not make you a believer, it allows for the possibilities that present to scrutiny. We will separate fact from interpretation and fiction. At the very least when you have an encounter you will know what to do.

the Forge

On off-sight field trip to Fire Iron Forge. They specialize in bringing people together through the unique experience of blacksmithing. People of all ages and walks of life start at the same level when stepping into the forge for the first time.

At Fire Iron Forge we have a strong passion to pass on the skills of blacksmithing to anyone that would like to learn. From kids to adults we offer a variety of classes for first timers, and experienced smiths wanting to learn new skills and techniques.

ADDITIONAL COST: $10 for completed project


Get your feet ready for the beat! In this class you’ll dance a variety of folk dances. There will be line dances, square dances, circle mixers. contras and anything else we can have fun doing!

Tom began dancing as a teenager growing up in Smithville, Ohio. Being a singer/musician it was natural to begin calling dances in his early years. Tom has led dance workshops at BHRLL, BLW, GLRLL and Maple Leaf Recreation. Tom has called dances for home school groups, youth groups, private parties, Malabar Farm State Park and many other venues. 


Time specifically set aside to enjoy the lakeside waterfront with a Twinlow lifeguard on duty.

Waterfront activities include swimming, human-powered boats, log rolling, and playing on inflatable toys. Kayaks and SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boards) are also available. Life vests provided.

Labbers are always welcome to visit the waterfront and take in the view, do yoga, or find a place for quiet contemplation.

Fun with Fabric 1:
Card Holder

Craft a practical and enjoyable new accessory for your next card game, perfect as a gift for your card group, grandchildren, or friends who struggle to hold all their cards during play. Whether it's Bunko, Uno, Bridge, or King in the Corner, this simple-to-make card holder enhances gameplay and adds fun. With minimal sewing required, the craft itself is easy to complete. Following a demo, participants will leave the class with one or two card holders just 90 minutes later.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: $6 per holder, $12 for two.

I am… An Embellished Image of Self

Join us for a fun and experimental workshop where you'll explore your true self through fabric art. Using cloth, lace, yarn, and various findings, you'll learn to unleash your creativity with fabric glue and hot glue. Led by fabric artist Pam Sedler, you'll create a canvas or art board that reflects your unique vision. Take home your artwork along with an instruction sheet for future projects, and join us for a gallery show to showcase your creations. Bring your own embellishments or choose from our selection. Pam will guide you through the process with plenty of fun and creativity!


Pour paint - pour paint - pour, paint

Your teacher, Toby Stephens, is a graduate of the Minnesota Center for Arts Education.

The class will begin with a paint pouring demonstration showing multiple techniques. Participants then are invited to create their own masterpiece, which will be an awesome souvenir for them to take home. Painting canvases will range in size from 3” x 3” to 8” x 11”. Open to adults and children, participants will gain basic knowledge, having fun getting a little messy while developing a new talent. A gallery walk and reception will follow. 

ADDITIONAL COSTS: One 3”x3”, one 5” x 7”, and one 8’ x 11” ($6) and paint ($5)

Words on Walks
and Walls

Your teacher, Toby Stephens, is a graduate of the Minnesota Center for Arts Education.

Join us for an afternoon of creativity, fun, and learning! Explore design techniques used by leading artists throughout history. From graph paper to cardboard and beyond, we'll use chalk to add color and vibrancy to Chatcolab.

Creativity, leadership, and teamwork are intertwined. Effective leaders possess creativity and collaborate well within teams. Problem-solving in art is an ongoing learning process. Participants will experience surface materials and the value of play as they transition from idea to execution.

Nature Bathing Outdoor Stroll

Forest Bathing offers an opportunity to deepen our relationship with the natural world, to reposition that relationship as
reciprocal rather than extractive.

Inspired by the Japanese practice of shinrin yoku, Forest Bathing is a research-based practice that supports healing and wellness through guided sensory immersion in outdoor spaces. Proven to boost immune
strength, reduce stress, and improve cognitive function, this practice
emphasizes connection between all participants — human as well as trees,
plants and wildlife on site.

Learn more about your guide, Wendy Young

College of Hidden Arts & Talents (C.H.A.T.)

The College of Hidden Arts & Talents (C.H.A.T.) is a Chatcolab tradition that focuses on sharing and developing various skills and abilities that individuals posses.

It provides a platform for people to explore and cultivate their talents in diverse areas such as arts, crafts, music, dance, writing, and more. C.H.A.T. offers a supportive environment where presenters and students can unleash their creativity, express themselves, and discover new passions while honing their talents.

Bring your arts and talents to lab to share with others.

Extended Découpage

(2 Part Session)

With Alana Hastings and Sally Heard

Discover a new painting project and receive step-by-step guidance on applying collage techniques and finishing touches with paint on wood or heavy paper.

Learn how to prepare the surface and understand the effects of different paints. Participants can then share their newfound skills with children, adults, or even teach special needs individuals.

Leave with confidence in painting and a memorable project to cherish.


Sunday night at dark.  The Northern Idaho Astronomy Club will visit us to host a STAR PARTY. Michael Christiansen will lead a discussion with question and answer session.

Take a peek at the constellations and stars and learn more about astronomy as a hobby.

Color Crew
Program Planning

Your small planning group convenes to coordinate special activities for the week, comprising approximately 10-12 individuals of all ages.

This diverse team collaborates to organize and execute various events and initiatives throughout the week, ensuring a range of perspectives and talents are brought to the table for successful planning and execution.

Americans with Disabilities Act: If you need special accommodations please contact Registrar, at least two weeks before camp with your needs. CHATCOLAB, INC Northwest Leadership Laboratory is an equal-opportunity, affirmative-action, non-profit educational organization offering leadership development through recreation. Youth and adults come together to build leadership skills. The lab meets annually at a residential camp and offers learning through general leadership sessions and interactive workshops.

The health, safety and well-being of all of our attendees, partners and volunteers is our highest priority.  Since March of 2020, ACA has developed and provided the COVID resources available below for every camp, program and youth serving organization.  Chatcolab will follow  and share the recommended Summer 2022 COVID guidelines when they are released.