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Chatcolab Northwest Leadership Laboratory's 76th Annual Theme is IN BLOOM: Flower Power.

With our past guiding us, we can take the knowledge, lessons, and respect for who and what has come before and focus it on five areas of leadership as we plan and prepare for the future. Those five areas include:

  • TRADITIONS In today's world it is a joy to look back at how CHAT started (College of Hidden Arts and Talents). In what ways can you share humor, philosophy, ideas, & knowledge?
  • ENVIRONMENT A beautiful camp setting along the Twin Lakes in Northern Idaho lends itself to many different aspects of environmental education including science, games, arts, water sports, hiking, writing and more.
  • PERSONAL GROWTH An opportunity to expand knowledge and share new ideas. Learning to work with groups in various settings including networking, communication, promotion, cooperation, trying new experiences and exploring new skills.
  • DIVERSITY By definition, to be diverse, we need to be inclusive. Do you have ideas to share outside of the box thinking and sharing culture and values.
  • CELEBRATION As we focus on traditions, environment, personal growth and diversity we also need to take stock in the amazing opportunity we have each year to gather together and celebrate. Sharing party and activity ideas, games just being silly are all encouraged.

Presentation proposals and participants from anywhere within North America are encouraged. Chatcolab draws primarily from Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Montana. If selected you will receive anywhere from a partial to a full campership (valued up to $450) that includes housing, meals and program attendance and may be eligible for travel expenses.

Please reach out to [email protected]

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