Chat Chat Winter 2018

What's inside?

A great place to give of yourself and try out your ideas!

Holly Purdy, Whitefish, Montana

Being the seeker I am, I generally find myself concerned with philosophical ideas surrounding questions like "What makes a person happy?" and "How can a person make themselves feel better when battling the inevitable monsters of shame, depression, unhappiness, and the like?"

The simple answer (that has taken me a very long time to learn on my own) is to volunteer and share your gifts: get out into your community and spread love (no matter how minuscule), share your gifts, and aim your attention and energy outward instead of inward.

A simple formula (simple, yet maybe not always easy).Chatcolab is an opportunity to do just that, and in doing so, gain confidence in your ideas, passions, and gifts. I've been a presenter, teaching yoga, at Chatcolab for the past two years, and what follows is a brief reflection on that experience.

Chatcolab is a brilliant place to share your passions and talents with an open-hearted audience. As a new yoga teacher, I wanted to share my love of yoga and mindfulness with families in a way that did not feel intimidating to me, and Chatcolab was the perfect place to pilot some of my ideas.

For the past two years, I taught a morning yoga class from 6:30-7:30 am for the early risers and anyone interested in trying out yoga in a comfortable, fun setting. My students ranged in ages from 10-80+, which gave me lots of good experience creating classes for ALL age ranges, abilities, and levels of experience.

Both years, I have come away with tons of new ideas, new friends, new inspirations, and new ways of thinking about my practice and the kind of yoga teacher I aspire to be.

Chatcolab is a great place to give of yourself and try out your ideas, whether you're new to a profession, been at it for ages, or anywhere in between. It's a leadership opportunity, a time to step outside of yourself, into your community, and share your gifts and talents.

It's a place to give back to the world, and I've found that when we do that, we make life so much sweeter for ourselves and those around us.