Chat Chat Summer 2019

What's inside?

If I Had a Trailer... Mr. Towed

Nel and Bob Carver, Moscow, Idaho

The 2019 Chatcolab participants pooled their collective ideas for naming the trailer that carries all our supplies back and forth to lab every year.

Jean Baringer submitted the winning entry, Mr. Towed, and as a result, she was awarded $100 off her 2020 registration. There were over thirty different names for labbers to choose from which really showed off the creativity of the group. They were so clever, in fact, that one labber even thought we needed a second trailer just to use another name. 

Now we have the opportunity to come up with the best graphics to go along with the name to paint on the side of the trailer. So put those thinking caps on once more and exude your creative juices and win yourself $100 off your registration. 

Submit your entries to Betsy Carver via email ([email protected]) or snail mail (6220 W Robertson Dr. Boise. Idaho 83709). The deadline for all submissions is March 30, 2020. 

Guide lines:

1. Be Creative, Be Creative, Be Creative

2. It should be timeless 

3. Something that is inviting & elicits questions 

4. Something that packages the idea of Chatcolab 

Our thanks again to Terry and Steve Weber for graciously storing the trailer, Mr. Towed for yet another year at their farm North of Moscow.